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    Zinc, where to start?!

    In terms of boosting immune functions, we have a winner! This impressive mineral is important for many functions in your body. But sadly, it cannot be stored like vitamin A and E, or produced like vitamin D.

    Various researchers have shown the efficiency of zinc against the very infamous, seasonal cold. Its boosting effect comes from its role in DNA synthesis, the supreme code for life reproduction. Because of this, it is fundamental for pregnant women, and children in order to ensure good development.

    Another of its superpowers is the capacity to heal wounds due to its strong role in self-repair. But beware. A deficiency in zinc could affect your sense of taste and smell as well as enhance tissue damage. All in all, zinc is the mineral that people need to stay healthy.


    Vitamin D

    This is like your best friend when it comes to your immune functions. It fights off invading bacteria's and viruses. Vitamin D is naturally processed by exposure to the sun, but during the winter period, the sun is off-duty and its UV does not penetrate the atmosphere as it should. Without enough sun to produce vitamin D, your immune system is weakened. Last but not least, vitamin D combined with Calcium will reinforce your bones and your teeth for a strong and healthy body. 



    It has so many health benefits, including boosting your lovely immune system. In fairy tales and folklore, it is seen as magical for its enchanted healing powers. Its superpower is to increase the number of white cells, leaving you with a super immune system. It’s not surprising then that this magical plant has been used since the beginning of time to treat different diseases, including cold, flu, and influenza symptoms. Its rich source of antioxidants will clear your body of viruses and keep away infections. 

    Vitamin A

    Is a fat-soluble vitamin, which means it can be stored in the body tissues for later use. Clever, right?! Vitamin A is mainly stored in the liver, which will convert muscles and fat into energy when needed. So be sure to not be out of stock! Vitamin A is also a powerful antioxidant and will support your immune functions by helping the growth of white cells, the white knights who will heroically be fighting off unwanted infections.

    Vitamin E

    Is also part of the fat-soluble vitamins’ family, but this one is especially good for fighting off the deadly stress that we experience everyday, that is responsible for accelerating the aging process. As a strong antioxidant, vitamin E is perfect to sustain your liver’s health, an important organ that works as a filter for your body. An unclean filter cannot do its job, leaving a bunch of bad bacteria's crossing through and affecting your body’s health. Vitamin E will also support your brain health, your fertility, and prevent skin and vision’s premature aging

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